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Generator Cables and Accessories

    Generator Power Distribution Blocks

    Duraline Generator Power Distribution assemblies provide easy and rugged solutions for any situation! Equipped with a male L14-30 and (4) 5-20 female receptacles per block, these assemblies can help give power to mutliple devices with the reliability only Duraline can provide.

    Generator Power Extension Cords

    Duraline Extension cords come standard at lengths of 10', 25', and 50'. Custom lengths are available by contacting the sales team.

    Generator Plugs

    L14-30 plugs are available as replacement parts or to tie in existing cables and systems. Available in both male and female configuration.

    Generator Spider Assemblies

    Duraline Spider assemblies include a solid rubber molded junction with 2 or 4 legs with NEMA 5-20 female plugs on alternating phases, and an input leg with a male NEMA L14-30 plug.



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