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Welding PreHeat Treating Systems

  • Mini PreHeat Treating System 1

    Mini PreHeat Treating Systems for Preheat-Postheat-Stress Relief.

    100 Amp 3 Phase 3 Pole 4 Wire input. with (4) Duraline 4FJ20 3 pole 4 wire output receptacles. A total of 24 heaters can be controlled with this panel. Heater voltage is 460 volts. This unit includes a Percentage Timer, which controls the heating time. This allows easy calibration of heat depending on each application required.  

    Features & Benefits

    • For dependable, closely controlled heating with all the economies of the electrical resistance method.
    • Complete safety to personnel and equipment.
    • Ease and speed of installation.
    • Adaptability to jobs any size or configuration.
    • Heating of sections of any thickness from 1/2 inch to 7 inches.
    • Long service life and complete re-usability.
    • Total application engineering service.

      Mini Heater

      Panel / Controller

      Power Streamer

  • 4 Wire Preheat, Heat Treating System 1

    The modular nature of Duraline's distribution systems for electrical resistance heat treating applications provides the maximum in flexibility of choice and economy in use. While some assemblies can be combined or intermixed to create new systems, certain parameters must be observed to ensure that a functionally safe, economical, and efficient system is obtained.

    • The U.S. Navy 3 and 4 wire system configurations are not variable from the Bureau of Ships standard
    • Commercial percentage timer systems may be specified with differing output receptacles and power streamer plugs for multiple applications or dedicated system at one site.
    • Input cables may be furnished up to 100 feet long on the 6-outlet distribution block, and up to 50 feet long on the 4-outlet main panel. The optional panel mount receptacle, model 30FR4X, intended for main power input, is the latest addition to the system and provides additional flexibility and convenience for the system end user.
    • Both the CBI and JBB type commercial systems add the capability of using 72 inch thermostatically controlled heaters by incorporation a primary spider in place of the 3B20-6SR distribution block. Accordingly, the system may be configured using either the primary spider or the 6 outlet distribution block. The primary spider must be used if 72 inch heaters will be used in the system.
    • Primary spiders (3 phase to single phase) must have 3 legs for phase balance. Secondary spiders (single phase) can have 2 or 3 legs. Length of cable can be up to 100 feet, per spider (overall length)

      Distribution System


      Panel / Controller

  • Duraline Heaters 1

    Quickly installed and adaptable to any structure, building block structure allows system to be expanded of broken down to accomplish large or small jobs by adding or removing components. Positive, no-fail watertight shielded connections, molded distribution blocks and mating plugs are molded to 600 volt insulated cable. Duraline systems use power from 230 or 460 volt AC source and convert it directly into heat by means of electrical resistance. Heavy Duty Heaters are designed expressly for heavy industrial use and provide years of trouble free use. Thermostatic control units are built to NEMA standards watertight-ness and outdoor use, under most conditions.

     Heaters do not include cords

      12" Strip Heaters

      18" Strip Heaters

      24" Strip Heaters

      36" Strip Heaters

      72" Strip Heaters

      Round Heaters



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