E1017 Single Pole Cam Type Connectors


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Click to Download our NEW Brochure.

Duraline E1017 Shrouded Taper Nose “J” Series for cable size 350 – 750 MCM, 600 Volts, Rated up to 690 amperes continuous, 1150 amperes intermittent. Single Pole In-Line Cam Type Connectors. Nema 4 Rated for Indoor/Outdoor Use.

Made in the USA

Duraline E1017 Series Cam Lok / Cam Type connectors are mated and locked together by inserting and rotating. A locking pin in the female contact rides in a cam-slot in the male contact, which when rotated approximately 90 degrees, results in a locked connection. To disengage, the connectors are rotated in the opposite direction. High locking pressures are developed and there are no external metal parts and no tools required to connect or disconnect. Both male and female connectors are protected by a shrouded style insulating sleeve. The shrouded insulating jacket extends beyond both male and female contacts, for total insulation. Insulators are available in several colors for phase identification. Typical applications include motor connections, generators, power panels and ship to shore systems.

All Products are Made in the USA in our Florida Facility