How do I set up terms with Duraline?

To set up terms with us, you need to send us 4 trade references and 1 bank references. Once verified, we will let you know of your terms and credit limit. Please note that this process takes about 2 on average weeks to complete.


What is the average lead time for orders?

This will vary depending on the quantity of your order and if we have the items in stock. For most purchases through our website, our lead time is 1-3 weeks from the day the order is placed.


I can’t find exactly what I need. How do I order a custom part?

On our website, we list the most popular items and configurations. If you need an item with a different cable length or size, chances are we already have them in our system. If we don’t, we will work together with our in-house engineers to create a new part that will fit your needs. Please contact our sales team for help finding exactly what you need.


How will I know your products will fit my needs?

Contact our Sales Department for any questions or help on specific items. If needed, they will work together with our in-house engineers to make sure that our products will meet your requirements and fulfills your needs.


How can I pay for my order?

You can easily pay with PayPal or Amazon Payments when placing an order on our website. We also accept all major credit cards and wire transfers.


When will I get an order confirmation?

Once your order has been placed, it is forwarded to one of our sales associates who will then process the order. You will receive a confirmation with the estimated ship date within 1-2 business days.


Can I use my own freight account to ship my order?

Yes! Just let us know the account number you want your order to be shipped with, and the zip code and phone number that is associated with it.


Do you sell/ship your products outside of the U.S?

Yes! We do, however, require a down payment before processing the order for any international purchases.


Can anyone buy your products?

Yes, we sell to all and any business or private individuals.


Is there a minimum quantity to order?

There is no minimum (or maximum) quantity required on any of our stock items. However, there might be a minimum order quantity for custom molded parts.


Where are you located?

All of Duraline’s products are proudly made in the U.S.A. and we are located in DeLand, FL. Our facility includes our Sales & Customer Service team, our accounting and purchasing departments, and the factory where the products are being engineered, molded and shipped out from.


Where else can I find your products?

Beside our website, you can buy some of our selected items on Amazon. We also have distributors across the country to assist with any of our products.


What is your return policy?

For standard, web-listed items, our Return policy is 90 days, with a 15% restocking fee, pending the return of unused, untampered products. Refunds are typically processed within 45 days. No returns are accepted for all custom orders.


What guarantees do you offer for your products?

We offer a 1-year warranty on all of our molded products. We require the unaltered product to be returned to our facility, and a replacement will usually be shipped within 2 weeks of arrival.


Do you offer a volume discount?

Volume discounts are considered on an order-by order basis. Feel free to contact the sales team with any questions about pricing for a particular High volume order.


What other services do you offer?

We offer CNC and Swiss multi-axis machining, as well as plastic molding, for a variety of needs and products.