Fire Power Safety Products


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Click to Download our NEW Brochure.

Duraline’s Fire Power System are wet location wiring devices and are engineered to eliminate dangerous GFI nuisance tripping and make electrical power available at the site of the emergency without any worry to the first responder. The system is engineered to withstand abuse including high pressure hosedown. Connectors, plugs, etc. can’t be crushed by other fire vehicles as other conventional connectors can. It’s designed to enhance GFCI safety, even when submerged in water.

All Fire Power portable electrical systems are specifically designed for long service life under rough conditions, severe service situations, and weather environments. Component materials meet or exceed the highest standards and specifications for the applications intended. Further, they meet or exceed applicable NEC and OSHA safety standards and regulations.  Designed for abusive environments, provide a tight barrier against water, oil, dust and other contaminants.

The portable power distribution systems are specifically intended to provide temporary power to equipment used by firefighting and emergency rescue services, such as for lighting systems and exhaust ventilation fans used by firefighting personnel. Requirements were developed as part of this testing program with review stages by Duraline and firefighting companies.