To place an order…

Browse the Products pages and click on the categories to display the list of products under each.

Add quantity (Qty.) desired in the boxes to the right of each item, and click “Update Order.”

You can also remove items from your order by changing the quantity to zero, or by making it blank.

Browse to other product categories using the top navigation menu, and continue adding to your order. Your Current Order will consistently be shown at the bottom of the product pages.

Some items will have “Quote” as the price because more details are needed for custom configuration. Add desired quantities for these items the same way you would for priced products. These will be separated out and sent to Duraline in a “Quote Request.” Someone will contact you to provide a final quote.

When you have added all desired items, click the “Proceed” button at the bottom of the page to continue through the ordering process. You will have a choice to either “Log In” or “Create New Account.”

If creating a New Account, check the email address you enter carefully, and remember the password you choose! These are used to log in again and access your account information for future orders.

You can add multiple locations for shipping as well.

Proceed through the process and finalize your order, choosing your desired shipping method from the options provided.

Upon final submission, an email will be sent to you including a PDF file of your Order and/or your Quote Request.

You will have the option pay using PayPal or Amazon Payments information online or have a salesperson contact you by phone to confirm the details of your order and to make payment arrangements before shipping.

We think you will find this custom ordering system very intuitive and convenient to use!

Browse Products now and start adding items to your order!