Single Pole Cam Type Connectors / Power Connectors

Duraline Made-in-the-USA products include the E1017 , E1022, E1023, Field Attachable and Long Shroud Polarized product lines.  Products are manufactured in our Florida facility.

Duraline Single Pole Cam Type Components

Duraline Single Pole cam type latching individual components are made from quality materials. These items include all parts for standard E1022/22 Series and E1023/23 Series standard connectors. Cable size 350-750 MCM.

E1016 Series / 16 Series Cam-Type Connectors

  16 Series E1016 Series Shrouded Taper-Nose In-Line Connector Series #2-4/0, 600 VAC / 250 VDC Max. Rated up to 400 amperes continuous. The 16 and E1016 Series cam-type connectors are mated and locked together by inserting and rotating. A locking pin in the...

Single Pole Multi Gang Blocks, Housings and Assemblies

Duraline’s Multi-Gang "J" Series Shrouded, Ball Nose, Long Shroud and Long Shroud Interlocking Positive Latching Connectors. (Single Conductor 250-750 MCM, Rated to 690A, 750V AC/DC) Any multiple of Single-Pole Cam-Type Connectors molded in blocks can be ganged...

Vulcanizing and Assembly Components

Tools Required to vulcanize connectors to cable Vulcanizing Press Com-A-Long Vulcanizing Tape Copper Shims Spray Lube Connector Maintenance Kit [auto-iframe link=../cf/OrderingProducts-i3.cfm?catID=25 width="100%" height="200"...