The Duraline Wide Area LED Lighting Blocks and Streamers provide safe, effective overhead lighting
for any number of purposes and locations. Blocks are typically spaced at either 15’ or 20’ intervals, and
come with molded Weather-Proof NEMA 5-15 plugs for easy use, but other connectors are available. Each Lighting Block
can be equipped with either an epoxy coated magnet or an attachable grommet assembly ideal for
hanging and using as temporary lighting. Each fixture weighs approximately 8 lbs and produces 5,000
Lumen on only 36 watts. It is also equipped with a Lexan lens for ultimate durability.
These Lighting Blocks can also be molded to any specified interval and length. They are molded in solid,
UV stabilized, and flame-retardant rubber. Our molding process ensures no air gaps or voids, and that every
part is integrally molded directly to cable. These assemblies are available in either a 90° or 15° configuration.